We do not carry any of the products listed on the site, nor do we directly sell anything.

  • If you purchased a product (congratulations) and have any concerns or problems or need to return a product, you must contact that merchant.
  • Any additional product information you need can be found with the merchant who is selling the product directly.
  •  We do not pr
  • Artisan Authority is NOT a store, we do the not carry or directly sell the products shown on the website. We cannot sell ANYTHING on this site to you.
  • We do not provide information regarding additional merchants who may carry this product.
  • We are not the customer service representatives for the products shown on the Artisan Authority.
  • We do not provide information regarding newer model availability for the product/s you are interested in.
  •  We do not know if any of the products can be shipped out of the country.

We will not be returning Emails regarding any of the above questions.             Thank you – Artisan Authority

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