The Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair is one of the most well-known massage easy chair models. This Japanese based robotic massage chair brand is available across the United States in many Specialty health and furniture stores.The Inada brand ‘s been around for many years and is one of the original pioneers of robotic massage chair technology.   Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair side reclining

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair black leather  The broadest massage coverage accessible more    massage coverage (over 1, 200 square inches) than any other massage chair recliner on the globe let this massage chair cradle all your body in soothing shiatsu treatments and relief.

  • Patented Inada Massage Chair aspiration wave technology provides a gentle, figure eight motion like massage therapists use to balance your body during a shiatsu rub down session.
  • It has the  most complete stretch function you will find. Offers extension and “flexion”. Also a gentle rotational stretching of the shoulders, mid-back and hips.
  • It has a youth session with a more gentle massage session specially created for younger users (14+) allows people of most generations to enjoy the healing features of the Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair.
  • Healthcare programs include eight pre-programmed rub down sequences including revolutionary day and nighttime programs.

The massage roller inside the Inada has a 3d design helping it become more accurate and apply deeper pressure throughout a massage. It’s a quad-style roller with a speck neck traction characteristic. The roller is made to cover the back of someone who’s roughly 4’11″ to 6’3″. The roller is also made to scan the body in addition to accurately detect each person’s shape and width making sure that special massage functions can pinpoint more accurately. Many those who used the chair will probably mention that its an exceptionally smooth roller with the medium intensity. Compared to other chairs this chair is not the strongest most powerful roller.

                                                                                                                                                                4.5 ratings4.5 Star Rating                                                                     Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair redInada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair brownInada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair black leathermassage chair

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massage chairAirbag Therapeutic massage

  • The Inada Sogno Dreamwave has one of the most comprehensive Airbag massage systems of any robotic massage chair. It provides 1200 block inches of coverage through different airbags positioned in different areas. It is one of the only massage chairs that will massage the upper hands and bicep area. The airbags can be found in the neck spot, upper arms, forearms, chair, calves, feet, back, in addition to hips. It also has adjustments to make the pressure stronger or softer according to a users preference. These airbags are also high quality in design and so are very comfortable during your massage. The airbags are also designed to give a relaxation experience that’s different than more beneficial deep tissue massage chairs.
  • Massage Programs
  • The Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair features a remote that is very user friendly and comes with a variety of automatic programs. The Sogno  Dreamwave function that offers the chair it’s name features a special rocking feature inside the seat. The gentle gliding with the seat that is together with the airbags in your seat, hips, and the roller inside the lower back help adjust, relax, and work the muscles inside the hip area. The gentle rocking in addition soothes and helps the body relax. In total the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair offers 8 different automatic programs. You can choose from lots of preset massage sessions according to your mood. The Dreamwave features a full body air system. This will cycle throughout the different airbags in your chair to compress and release in promoting blood flow and relaxation. There’s also a Full Body program that works throughout the airbags and back roller to massage the entire body. The Morning program is a massage designed to activate different areas of the body to help awaken your muscles and mind. The night time program is a additional soothing and somewhat intense experience that can help the body relax. The Stretch program runs on the blend of massage roller, airbag massage, and twisting motions that can help relieve tight and worn muscles throughout the body. The quick program is just that, a quick number of different massage functions for just a shorter but therapeutic experience. There is also a Youth program that’s a gentle massage for more radiant people.
  • Special Functions
    The are many special functions inside the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair. The unique gentle rocking in addition to lower body massage function is very soothing. Many new chairs now take over a similar feature but Inada was an original company behind this engineering. It also has a special youth program specially intended for younger people. This is the only chair available that features a program specifically designed pertaining to younger peoples needs, mainly massage intensity, and peak adjustments. There is also Heat positioned in the chair that can certainly be turned on or even off. There is also Vibration in the back that can be turned on or off at any moment. You can also automatically control the backrest in addition to footrest making it no problem finding a relaxing recline angle for just a massage. The one feature that numerous users would like in the chair is Zero Gravity and currently the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair doesn’t have Zero Gravity.

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