KMX Cobra recumbent trikesee more recumbent bikes For anyone who craves exhilarating street and off-road riding upon any terrain, this jack-of-all-trades KMX Cobra trike incorporates a robust design with twenty four gears, large spoke wheels as well as added ground clearance making it fast while traveling and unstoppable off-road. Make no mistake, the KMX Cobra will be dangerously fun.

4 star rating  4 Star Rating

                             $1499.00 + FREE Shipping
recumbent bike The KMX Cobra Premium All-Terrain Recumbent Trike features:

• Strong Carbon Steel frame that provides excellent ground clearance and offers high riding stability
• Direct steering system for accurate responsive handling                         KMX Cobra Recumbent Trike
• Hardshell Bucket Seat with multiple seat positions and adjustable lumbar support and quick and simple seat adjustment
• Front boom made from aluminum
• Oversized Super Glide Pulley
• Quick and easy trike assembly. Includes assemply tools and an instructional video

 The KMX Cobra is easy to upgrade. You can even add a motor.

      KMX cobra trikekmx cobra trike seat         KMX cobra trike rear tire

KMX Cobra

KMX is a British company which began selling tadpole trikes intended for children. Eventually KMX expanded its product line to mature models when parents became envious of their kid’s new trikes. They sell adult trikes with several of levels of performance and cost, but all of the adult models are based on the same basic frame model. The frame is made of tough steel with large diameter square tubing. The frame features an interior chainrun that protects the sensitive chain from being crushed against rocks and other obstacles and keeps idlers from bumping against the ground.