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The PANASONIC PRO ULTRA EP-MA73 MASSAGE Chair heats both chest and sole of your feet at the same time. This makes the experience more like a professional massage.
Product details are: 3D Ultra Kneading with Heated Massage . WOW Feature: Double warming technology on massage head and sole. Air Super Kneading Technology.

panasonic massage chair reclinedThe EP-MA73 Massage Chair has 6 massage techniques that offer different benefits for some other part of your back and physique. These techniques are:

• Junetsu
• Shiatsu
• Coming
• Tapping
• Gentle Kneading

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Internal sensors with this luxury, full-body massage chair develop a virtual map of a person’s contours to guide multi-directional rollers to precise locations on the back and spine. This helps to increase circulation. Stretching, and relaxing tightened, tired muscles.
Double heated multi-directional rollers offer both warmth and relaxing pressure to the neck, back and shoulder blades to simulate pain relief.
Rollers ride along the individual contours of your back again – from neck for you to waist – to carefully press, knead, loosen and invigorate tight muscles in very similar way a professional masseuse performs a restful, restorative Junetsu massage.
Armrest hand and arm massagers along with airbags in the chair’s midsection, invigorate muscles from the hips, thighs, legs and calves to provide stimulation and relief pertaining to tired, overworked hands and feet.
The remote control allows you to choose from 12 massage setting; six pre-set and six manual.

Preset massage options include:

  • Refresh: A light, revitalizing massage utilizing tapping. Ideal for quick pick-me-up.
  • Deep: A new soothing massage course kneads and loosens tired, stiff muscle groups.
  • Shiatsu: Provides strong, soothing, deep-tissue pressure and extending using two massage brain.
  • Hip: Therapeutic torso and pelvic massage technique that kneads the trunk muscles while airbags loosen them.
  • Neck/Shoulder: Stimulating and soothing massage relaxes the neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Lower Back again: A middle to back massage course. Perfect for any long day at operate or play.
  • Seat and Body: It has a soft, changeable hip module with a setting that compresses your outer thighs and stomach.
  • Calves: Applies gentle pressure to cure tightness and enhance movement.
  • Arms and Shoulders: Comfortably stretches shoulder muscles to take out tension and enhance mobility.
  • Arms and Palms: Is applicable targeted pressure, motion and warmth to cure tension.
  • Leg Stretch: Alleviates stiffness from the lower back, hips and thighs. Airbag n of your chair uniformly pressures the bottom legs as they are usually lowered and raised within 20-degree increments.
  • Reflexology: The EP-MA73 Pro Massage Chair has changeable and removable plates for the reflex points in your feet to enhance energy and the flow of blood throughout your EP-MA73KU massage chair


  • 3 New Body Stretch Programs
  • Shoulder Blade Stretch – Your airbags and massage rollers band together to more easily accessibility the shoulder blade muscle groups. The airbags keep your shoulders constantly in place while the heated massage therapy roller massages and extends those often tense muscles relating to the spine and shoulder edge.
  • Improved Leg Stretch – Airbags through the entire leg rest inflate to carry and squeeze your leg muscles And adjust to help stretch hard to reach muscles the massage rollers can’t easily access. This program delivers a restful lower body massage while still implementing your entire upper physique.
  • Improved Pelvic Stretch — This airbag massage routine is great for working on the back area. Air bags slipped into the hip and buttock area inflate to stretch your hips and back, as well as inflating to push your back onto the back rest if your massage rollers are constantly in place to improve your back massage.

Product Dimensions: 48 x 37.4 x 45.3 inches ; 191 pounds Shipping Weight: 212 pounds